Business Model

Business Model Servers


Talapas is currently in the late stages of beta testing. During testing use of the cluster is free in exchange for the valuable feedback that users provide. When we move to production, Talapas will be run on a mixed club/condo model. Researchers who join the compute club will be entitled to a certain number of Service Units (SUs) depending on their club level. Likewise, we offer researchers storage club memberships designed to accommodate a variety of workflows. 


Compute Club Tiers

Plan Service Units $/annum
Platinum 1,000,000 $6,000
Gold 100,000 $4,500
Silver 10,000 $3,000
Bronze 1,000 $1,500
Copper 100 $720

Storage Club Tiers

Plan Terabytes $/annum $/extra
Platinum+ 60 $5,760 $3
Platinum 30 $2,160 $2
Gold 15 $960 $1
Silver 7.5 $480 $1
Bronze 4 $240 $1
Copper 2 $120 $1

Alternatively, researchers may choose to purchase their own compute nodes to be installed in the condo section of Talapas. RACS will work with the researcher to identify the node type that best meets their needs, facilitate the order with our vendor, and then install, administer, and maintain the nodes free of charge. These nodes will be made available to the condo investor on an immediate and on-demand basis through separate partitions in the scheduling system. Idle cycles on condo resources may be made available to the larger communittee, but only in such a way as to not interfere with the investor's access to purchased resources.