The Talapas supercomputer is a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster capable of performing over 250 trillion floating point operations every second. The acquisition and deployment of Talapas marks a new era for research computing at the University of Oregon. A true research cluster, Talapas is designed to accommodate a wide variety of workflows, from classical MPI based distributed computing to GPU accelerated simulations to large memory applications. This heterogeneous design delivers a single cluster that can effectively serve the unique needs of the diverse computational research community at the University of Oregon.

Located in the state of the art Allen Hall Data Center Talapas is currently in late stage open beta testing and is available for use by all researchers at the University of Oregon. We also welcome applications for use from our sister institutions in Oregon.

Citation and Acknowledgement

Please use the following language to acknowledge Talapas in any publications or presentations of work that made use of the system:

This work benefited from access to the University of Oregon high performance computer, Talapas.


The following are the specifications of Talapas as deployed. The cluster continues to grow through ongoing condo purchases. 

Compute Hardware

The Talapas HPC cluster contains three categories of nodes: standard nodes, GPU nodes, and large memory nodes. 

Qty Node Type Processors (total cores) Memory Local Storage Networking Accelerator
96 Standard Nodes dual E5-2690v4 (28 cores) 128GB 200GB SSD Single Port EDR InfiniBand N/A
24 GPU Nodes dual E5-2690v4 (28 cores) 256GB 200GB SSD Single Port EDR InfiniBand Dual NVIDIA Tesla K80
8 Large Memory Nodes quad E7-4830v4 (56 cores) 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB dual 480GB SSD Single Port EDR InfiniBand N/A


Storage Hardware

All compute resources are connected to our DDN GRIDScaler 14k storage appliance via the EDR InfiniBand interconnect. The DDN appliance runs GPFS and provides over 1.5 PB of usable storage. 

Appliance Enclosures Drives Filesystem Usable Space
DDN GS14k 5 SS8462 84-slot enclosures 10 800GB Mixed Use SSD Drives (metadata) GPFS 1,579 TiB
    362 6TB 7200 RMB 12Gb/s SAS 4Kn drives    
    21 800GB Mixed Use SSD Drives (fast tier)    


Network Topology as Deployed


All compute nodes and the DDN storage controllers are connected via a high speed EDR InfiniBand network providing 100Gbit/s throughput. The network is arranged in a "fat-tree" topology with compute nodes connected to leaf switches and all leaf switches connected to core switches. Currently, the network is configured with a 2:1 overall blocking ratio, i.e. there are twice the number of connections up from the nodes to the leaf switches as there are from the leaf switches to the core switches. This allows us to scale economically while providing unblocked communication between the 24 compute nodes that share a common leaf switch. The two DDN storage controllers each have dual connections to the InfiniBand core switches.