Research Advanced Computing Services (formerly the HPCRCF) supports research computing at the University of Oregon by providing large-scale computing resources, performant storage, high-speed data transfer capabilities, and support for data sharing. Additionally, RACS provides consulting services in the computational sciences, training on the use RACS resources, and will support grant proposals either through formal partnerships or by providing letters of support.

RACS is home to the University of Oregon's flagship research computing cluster, Talapas. Talapas is a heterogeneous supercomputing cluster capable of performing over 250 trillion calculations every second and providing 1.5 petabytes (1,500 trillion bytes) of high performance, parallel data storage. Talapas makes three distinct classes of compute nodes available to researchers: standard compute nodes built around the Intel "Broadwell" generation of processor, GPU compute nodes equipped with dual nVidia Tesla K80 accelerators, and large memory servers.